Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives encompass Skill & Employment Enhancement Programs (SEEP) that empower individuals, uplift communities, and contribute to a brighter future.



To enhance skills and enable employment by the way of training students and job seekers.

  1. Conducting ongoing skill(s) enhancement training programs & workshops for college students, job seekers,
  2. Create avenues like job fares, on-campus/pool-campus/off-campus placement drives, provide internships, apprentice opportunities & on-the-job training as required from time to
  3. Develop mechanisms for students to gaining in-depth/hands-on working skills on advanced technology in demand
  4. Collaborate with various bodies such as NASSCOM, NSDC, etc., and design initiatives, execute and monitor execution from time to time, improve the ongoing process for sustainable approach to creating the required talent pool in

To meet the growing demand for skilled, ready-to-deploy manpower for various technologies in umpteen multinational companies, there are multiple interventions being suggested globally.

Especially in India with the scenario of the entire world depending on a cost-effective English-speaking talent pool, there are multiple initiatives being implemented to enhance the production of ready-to-deploy human resources every year that can work on advanced technologies. Also, there is a need to keep them open to adapt to the rapidly changing advancements in technology from time to time.

All the top Multinational and Indian companies have collaborated with NSDC and their partners to ensure there is enough spread of such initiatives across India to all eligible colleges with eligible students and willingness to invest time, effort and required resources for the benefit of their students by being a part of this noble mission.

ZIZA FIRST’s value proportion:

ZIZA FIRST is an IT company with a vision to create products and resources that enable world-class business organizations to ease up their access to data, automation and IT resources towards increasing efficiency, quality, transparency and security in everything they do.

All projects and initiatives are successful ONLY with the right manpower at the right place to execute well. Hence, we begin our approach by training the students and getting them ready for world-class projects. While enhancing technology training is our forte, we also provide a lot of services such as on/off/pool-campus drives, campus development programs, brand building, faculty development programs and campus branding activities, developing corporate relationships for colleges etc.

We at ZIZA FIRST help multinational companies deliver the most advanced technology training to college students while they are on campus to ensure readiness for a prestigious job, in the most sorted-after companies, in the areas of their choice.

As an extending arm of many multinational companies via NSDC, we tie up with colleges/universities and other bodies with a huge student population, liaison with all stakeholders to establish and facilitate the smooth functioning of various teams and execute the employment generation initiatives.

Key features
  1. Companies own up end-to-end training programs. The curriculum, training faculty, content, assignments and assessments are all from the respective multinational
  2. Companies keenly monitor end-to-end execution through the channels that they
  3. Training on technologies required for the companies’ projects will be provided to the Students while they are on campus
  1. Training is conducted online after the completion of their regular college usually between 4 pm-8 pm. Academics are not disturbed. There will be offline sessions at regular intervals to check the progress, provide feedback
  2. Each company has defined basic eligibility, certification and criteria for successful students to be considered for jobs in their own company. Upon successful completion of the program as per the respective company’s criteria, all the students meeting the same will be considered for various job vacancies available from time to time.
  3. For example, if 50 students enrol in a program, all 50 are eligible for training and successful job placements as per the terms and conditions. There is no set % of conversion decided by the companies for these
Benefits for Colleges:
  1. Direct access to the company’s training program through their respective channels.
  2. No COST of training & Placements for these students. Everything is sponsored by the
  3. Claim tie-up with all these companies for the said programs/initiatives which will help drive Usage of logos is subject to respective companies’ policies.
  4. Establish incubation centres by meeting the companies’ criteria for the
  5. Open gates to interact with companies via NSDC or other channels in discussion for development initiatives as an ongoing
  6. Yearly renewals to enable access of such programs to every batch.
  7. Host offline sessions in their college premise to open gates for interaction with the company representatives and help in campus branding for admissions.
  8. Tie up with multiple companies for various development initiatives through various channels to cover a maximum number of students.
  9. Special free programs for female students.
  10. Opens gates for many avenues to build professional networks and rapport with companies towards ongoing relationships and growth.

Please Note: The terms and conditions of the said programs & initiatives are completely dependent on the companies and may be subject to change, from time to time, based on multiple factors with no prior notice. ZIZA FIRST team will update the colleges as and when there is information on changes available to us. As facilitators of the mobilization of students, our role is restricted and are not liable for any unforeseen changes from the respective stakeholders.

Please reach out to your account relationship manager from ZIZA FIRST for clarifications if any at any point.