Our Node.js Training program offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of one of the most popular and powerful server-side JavaScript frameworks. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enter the world of server-side development or an experienced developer aiming to expand your skill set, this program provides the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to become proficient in Node.js.


Node.js revolutionized the way server-side applications are built, enabling developers to use JavaScript on both the front end and the back end. In this training program, you’ll delve into the core concepts of Node.js, learn about asynchronous programming, create web servers and APIs, interact with databases, and build scalable and efficient applications.

“Node.js is like a supercharged engine for modern web development, enabling real-time and scalable applications.”  Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js

Here is a comprehensive list of course topics for a Node.js Training program

Module 1: Introduction to Node.js
  1. Introduction to Node.js and its Role in Server-Side Development
  2. Setting Up a Node.js Development Environment
  3. Running Node.js Applications
  4. Node.js Basics: Modules and npm
Module 2: Asynchronous Programming in Node.js
  1. Understanding Asynchronous Programming
  2. Callback Functions and Event Loop
  3. Promises and async/await
  4. Handling Errors and Exception Handling
Module 3: Creating Web Servers with Node.js
  1. Creating a Simple HTTP Server
  2. Handling HTTP Requests and Responses
  3. Routing and URL Parameters
  4. Serving Static Files
Module 4: Building RESTful APIs with Express
  1. Introduction to Express.js
  2. Creating Routes and Handling API Requests
  3. Middleware and Request Processing
  4. API Authentication and Security
Module 5: Working with Databases
  1. Introduction to Databases and Database Systems
  2. Connecting to Databases (MongoDB, MySQL)
  3. CRUD Operations: Creating, Reading, Updating, Deleting Data
  4. Data Modeling and Relationships
Module 6: Authentication and Authorization
  1. User Authentication with Passport.js
  2. Token-Based Authentication
  3. Role-Based Authorization and Access Control
Module 7: Real-Time Applications with Socket.io
  1. Introduction to Real-Time Web Applications
  2. Setting Up Socket.io
  3. Real-Time Communication and Broadcasting
  4. Building a Real-Time Chat Application
Module 8: Deploying Node.js Applications
  1. Deployment Options and Strategies
  2. Hosting Node.js Applications on Platforms like Heroku
  3. Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
Module 9: Testing and Debugging in Node.js
  1. Testing Frameworks (e.g., Mocha, Chai)
  2. Writing Unit Tests and Integration Tests
  3. Debugging Node.js Applications
Module 10: Performance Optimization and Scaling
  1. Identifying Performance Bottlenecks
  2. Caching Strategies and Techniques
  3. Load Balancing and Scaling Node.js Applications
Module 11: Security Best Practices
  1. Common Security Vulnerabilities in Node.js Applications
  2. Implementing Security Measures and Best Practices
  3. Data Sanitization and Validation
Module 12: Working with APIs and Consuming Data
  1. Consuming External APIs with Node.js
  2. Making HTTP Requests with Libraries like Axios
  3. Parsing and Manipulating API Responses
Module 13: Advanced Topics and Emerging Technologies
  1. Building Command Line Tools with Node.js
  2. Serverless Architectures and AWS Lambda
  3. Building RESTful APIs with GraphQL
Module 14: Final Node.js Project
  1. Applying Concepts Learned to Develop a Complete Node.js Application

Real Time Projects Overview - Node JS

Engage in practical learning with our immersive real-time projects, an integral part of our Node.js Training. These projects are meticulously designed to provide you with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of building scalable and efficient applications using Node.js. With each project spanning 55 hours, you’ll accumulate a total of 110 hours of immersive project work throughout the course, equipping you with invaluable skills for modern web development.

Project 1: RESTful API Development Project 2: Real-Time Chat Application

In this project, you'll focus on building a RESTful API using Node.js. You'll design API endpoints, implement data storage and retrieval, and ensure secure data transmission. By the end of this project, you'll have a functional and robust API that showcases your Node.js development skills.

In this project, you'll create a real-time chat application using Node.js and Web Socket technology. You'll develop features for real-time messaging, user authentication, and interactive interfaces. This project will demonstrate your ability to build dynamic and responsive applications using Node.js.

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"The Node.js Training program exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was comprehensive, and the hands-on projects allowed me to put theory into practice. The instructors' guidance was invaluable in mastering server-side development."

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