Python Full Stack Training Overview

Unlock the full potential of web development with our Python Full Stack Training program. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or a newcomer to the world of coding, this comprehensive course will equip you with the skills needed to excel in both frontend and backend development using the versatile Python programming language.


Our Python Full Stack Training is a dynamic journey that guides you through the entire spectrum of web development. From crafting elegant user interfaces to building robust server-side applications, you’ll master every aspect of creating modern web solutions. Dive into the world of responsive design, interactive user experiences, database management, and more – all while harnessing the power of Python.

“Python is the language that never says ‘no.’ If you can dream it, Python can help you build it.” Brandon Rhodes, Python Core Developer

Here is a comprehensive list of course topics for a Python Full Stack Training program:

Module 1: Introduction to Full Stack Development
  1. Understanding Full Stack Development
  2. Role of a Full Stack Developer
  3. Overview of Web Technologies
Module 2: Frontend Development with Python
  1. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Fundamentals
  2. Responsive Web Design and CSS Frameworks
  3. DOM Manipulation and Event Handling
  4. Introduction to Frontend Libraries and Frameworks
Module 3: Backend Development with Python
  1. Introduction to Backend Development
  2. Python Flask Framework
  3. Routing and Handling Requests
  4. Database Integration and SQL
  5. RESTful API Design and Implementation
Module 4: Databases and Data Persistence
  1. Introduction to Databases
  2. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
  3. Database Design and Modeling
  4. CRUD Operations with SQL and Python
Module 5: User Authentication and Security
  1. User Authentication and Authorization
  2. Session Management and Cookies
  3. Encryption and Hashing Techniques
  4. Best Practices for Web Security
Module 6: Building Dynamic Web Applications
  1. Integrating Frontend and Backend
  2. Creating Interactive User Interfaces
  3. Real-Time Data Updates with WebSockets
  4. Handling Forms and Form Validation
Module 7: Version Control and Deployment
  1. Introduction to Version Control (Git)
  2. Collaborative Development with Git
  3. Deployment Strategies for Web Applications
  4. Cloud Services and Hosting
Module 8: Project Work and Case Studies
  1. Building a Full Stack Web Application
  2. Real-World Case Studies and Examples
  3. Working with Third-Party APIs
  4. Debugging and Troubleshooting Techniques
Module 9: Emerging Trends in Full Stack Development
  1. Introduction to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  2. Microservices and Containerization
  3. Serverless Architecture and Functions
Module 10: Career Development and Portfolio Building
  1. Building a Professional Developer Portfolio
  2. Job Search Strategies and Interview Preparation
  3. Continuing Learning and Skill Enhancement

Real Time Projects Overview - Python Full Stack

Embark on a journey of practical learning with our immersive real-time projects, an integral part of our Python Full Stack Training. These projects are meticulously designed to provide you with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of building end-to-end web applications. With each project spanning 55 hours, you’ll accumulate a total of 110 hours of immersive project work throughout the course, equipping you with invaluable skills for full-stack development.

Project 1: E-Commerce Web Application Project 2: Social Media Platform

In this project, you'll build a dynamic e-commerce web application from scratch. You'll work on both the front-end and back-end components, implementing user authentication, product catalog management, shopping cart functionality, and secure payment gateways. By the end of this project, you'll have a fully functional e-commerce application that showcases your full-stack development skills.

In this project, you'll create a social media platform where users can create profiles, post updates, connect with friends, and interact through comments and likes. You'll design the user interface, implement authentication and authorization, set up a database to store user data, and build features for user engagement. This project will demonstrate your ability to develop complex, interactive web applications.

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As someone with a background in frontend development, the Python Full Stack Training was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my skill set. The hands-on approach and practical exercises were incredibly valuable.
John T

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