Spring Boot Overview

Experience the power of streamlined Java application development with our comprehensive Spring Boot training. As the industry standard for building robust and scalable Java applications, Spring Boot simplifies the development process, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional software solutions. This training equips you with the skills to harness the capabilities of Spring Boot for seamless Java application development.


Our Spring Boot training offers a hands-on exploration of the Spring Boot framework. From understanding the core principles to building web applications, microservices, and RESTful APIs, you’ll master the art of efficient Java development. Dive into the world of dependency injection, data access, and security, and experience the agility that Spring Boot brings to your projects.

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Here’s a sample course topics list for a Spring Boot Training program:

Module 1: Introduction to Spring Boot
  1. Understanding Spring Boot and Its Features
  2. Advantages of Using Spring Boot for Application Development
  3. Setting Up a Spring Boot Development Environment
Module 2: Spring Boot Basics
  1. Creating a Simple Spring Boot Application
  2. Spring Boot Project Structure and Configuration
  3. Dependency Management with Spring Boot Starter POMs
Module 3: Building Web Applications with Spring Boot
  1. Introduction to Spring Boot Web MVC
  2. Creating Controllers and Handling Requests
  3. Thymeleaf Templating Engine
  4. Form Handling and Data Binding
Module 4: Data Access with Spring Boot
  1. Introduction to Spring Data JPA
  2. Defining Entities and Repositories
  3. Query Methods and Custom Queries
  4. Database Migration with Flyway
Module 5: RESTful APIs with Spring Boot
  1. Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot
  2. Request and Response Mapping
  3. Exception Handling in RESTful APIs
  4. Consuming RESTful APIs using RestTemplate
Module 6: Spring Boot Security
  1. Securing Web Applications with Spring Security
  2. Authentication and Authorization
  3. Implementing Role-Based Access Control
  4. OAuth 2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO)
Module 7: Spring Boot Testing
  1. Unit Testing and Integration Testing in Spring Boot
  2. Writing Test Cases with JUnit and Mockito
  3. Testing Web Controllers and REST APIs
  4. Spring Boot Test Annotations
Module 8: Microservices with Spring Boot
  1. Introduction to Microservices Architecture
  2. Building Microservices with Spring Boot
  3. Service Discovery and Load Balancing
  4. Containerization with Docker
Module 9: Spring Boot and Cloud Technologies
  1. Deploying Spring Boot Applications to Cloud Platforms
  2. Using Spring Cloud for Distributed Systems
  3. Handling Configuration with Spring Cloud Config
  4. Circuit Breaker Patterns with Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker
Module 10: Spring Boot Actuator and Monitoring
  1. Introduction to Spring Boot Actuator
  2. Monitoring and Managing Spring Boot Applications
  3. Health Checks and Metrics
  4. Customizing Actuator Endpoints
Module 11: Real-world Spring Boot Projects
  1. Building Full-Stack Web Applications
  2. Developing RESTful Microservices
  3. Implementing Security in Spring Boot Applications
  4. Integrating with External Services and APIs

Real Time Projects Overview - Spring Boot

Engage in practical learning with our immersive real-time projects, an integral part of our Spring Boot Training. These projects are meticulously designed to provide you with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of building robust and efficient applications using Spring Boot. With each project spanning 55 hours, you’ll accumulate a total of 110 hours of immersive project work throughout the course, equipping you with invaluable skills for modern application development.

Project 1: Online Banking Application Project 2: RESTful API Development

In this project, you'll create an online banking application using Spring Boot. You'll design secure user authentication, implement account management, and develop transaction handling functionalities. By the end of this project, you'll have a fully functional online banking application that showcases your Spring Boot development skills.

In this project, you'll focus on building a RESTful API using Spring Boot. You'll design API endpoints, implement data storage and retrieval, and ensure secure data transmission. This project will demonstrate your ability to create scalable and efficient APIs for modern application architectures.

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"The Spring Boot training was a game-changer for me. The hands-on labs and practical examples allowed me to grasp complex concepts quickly, and I now feel confident in building efficient Java applications."
Emily L

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